Compliance Program

Ethics and integrity are two intrinsic factors in Routes Mines Gold International every day activities. In a business environment where the changes are constantly happening, it is essential to keep the honesty, transparency and respectful culture.

We believe that the establishment of procedures and controls can prevent, correct and mitigate possible risks that the company is exposed to. Therefore, is possible promoting the integrity culture, based on our values, conformity and ethics on Routes Mines Gold with sustainable development, included to third parties.

Senior Management

  • Surendhra Kumar Gupta
  • Abdul Ishaque Patel
  • Toni Bleyeer

Routes Mines Gold International abides by good corporate governance practices and believes that compliance and responsibility are central components of company culture.

Having dignity and respect and collaboration as values, Routes mines Gold understands that integrity and ethics are increasingly important within the business environment, cherishing transparency in its activities and decision-making.

For this reason, the Board of Directors is committed to the implementation, development, maintenance and continuous improvement of Routes Mines Gold’s Compliance Program, focused on:

  • Fighting corruption and bribery
  • Strengthening and disseminating integrity and ethical relationship
  • Collaborating with a growing more just society