Corporate Social Responsibility is at the Core of How We Operate

At Routes Mines Gold health, safety, environment and community relations programs are integrated into all our operations. Routes Mines Gold recognizes the importance of striving to meet and exceed our corporate social responsibility objectives and the role these efforts have in delivering on our overall objective of creating value for all stakeholders.

Community Relations

Our community relations efforts are guided by four pillars: local development, quality of life, education, and culture. We believe investing in these areas is the best way for us to contribute to building self-sustaining communities that will continue to prosper after our operations end.


Our environmental policies reflect three areas of focus: minimizing our impact, reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy, and making all of our operations more energy efficient. Our approach informs all aspects of the mining process, from the exploration stage to decommissioning, and we continually monitor our performance across all of our operations.

Health & Safety

At Routes Mines Gold safety is the responsibility of our entire team. We have several committees, at both corporate and site level, that oversee and audit our safety performance. Further, our agreements with trade unions emphasize occupational health and safety, proper environmental monitoring, providing personal protection equipment, and an employee’s right to refuse work that they deem unsafe. Perhaps most importantly, we strive to maintain a culture of safety.