Social Responsibilities

Health & Safety

Routes Mines Gold International places high priority on the safety and welfare of its employees. We recognize they are our most valuable asset. We have a code of conduct that is strictly enforced. While our accident rate has reduced over the past few years, we continue to strive to improve our future record.

We have an integrated management system in place that promotes open communication at all levels. Over the past few years, the health and safety team has expanded in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and also to improve our operating standards. Our training program for new employees is extensive and includes the participation of experienced professionals that act as mentors, providing hands-on guidance and conducting periodical reviews. Proposed actions include the reinforcement of safe behavior with the Loss Prevention Program, thus aiming to strengthen the safety culture at Routes Mines Gold International.


All of Routes Mines Gold International operations are subject to environmental regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates. These laws address emissions into the air, discharges into water, management of waste and hazardous substances, protection of natural resources and reclamation of lands disturbed by mining operations. Environmental legislation continues to evolve in a manner that will require stricter standards and enforcement, increased fines and penalties for non-compliance, more stringent environmental assessments of proposed projects and a heightened degree of responsibility for companies. Land reclamation requirements are generally imposed on companies engaged in mining operations and mineral exploration activities in order to minimize long-term effects of land disturbance.

Reclamation may include requirements to control dispersion of potentially deleterious effluents and reasonably re-establish pre disturbance land forms and vegetation. Routes Mines Gold has allocated financial resources for all reclamation obligations connection with its mining and exploration activities.


Routes Mines Gold International continues to be engaged with all of its stakeholders. We continue to develop productive, ethical and transparent relationships with local, federal and state agencies as well as our surrounding communities. As a Company we have a duty to our shareholders and communities to promote sustainable growth supported by safe, profitable and socially responsible business practices while developing long-term resources.