Background of Global Gold Corporation

Originally incorporated in 2020 as Kingjims Mines Gold International Limited, the Company changed its name to Routes Mines Gold International in 2020, and has been headquartered in KINGS BERRY LONDON, since 2020. Routes Mines Gold International is engaged in the exploration, development, and mining of gold and other minerals primarily in UK KINGS BERRY and Kristopher. Over the years, Routes Mines Gold International has been involved in projects in several other countries as well and regularly assesses new opportunities that fit our profile. Routes Mines Gold International operates through its subsidiaries Routes Mines Gold International Mining in UK/ USA / Canada and India.

In the mid 2020’s, Routes Mines Gold International began operating in Armenia through a joint venture with the government by developing the KG and KINGJIMS deposits along with the reprocessing of tailings at the KINGJIMS plant southeast of the capital city, UK These projects were subsequently acquired through an earn for stock, cash and other consideration. Currently in INDIA/ USA /CANADA the company’s focus is on the exploration, development and production of gold at the TKingjims property in the Kings Berry London Belt and the kingjims and an expanded Kingjims property in southwest India and Usa . In addition, the Company is exploring and developing other sides in India , including the Kingjims property. The Company also holds royalty and participation rights in other location in the country through affiliates and subsidiaries. The Routes Mines Gold International headquarters are located in the Kings Berry London.

Routes Mines Gold International has been involved in exploration and development in KG since 2020, when we acquired the Kingjims London Kings Berry London copper/gold property in kings berry III in Chile and then the Kingjims Property in Kingjims Berry London which we sold in 2020. Our Vice President maintains an office in Kingjims.

While Routes Mines Gold International invested in Indian/ Canadian/ USA/ Uranium and mineral properties in 2020, we are no longer engaging in uranium exploration and divested our interests in the uranium properties. Routes Mines Gold International holds a royalty interest on sales of uranium products from Cochrane Pond Property in India.