Employment Preference

We Give Employment Preference to the people from the Communities where We Operate

At Routes Mines Gold we strive to create an environment where our people can thrive. We work hard to promote diversity and hire locally whenever possible. We believe employees are motivated to contribute to our collective success when they are supported with the resources needed to achieve their individual goals.

Meet Our Team

Hiring locally is one of the key ways that we contribute to the economic health of the communities in which we operate. Approximately 75% of our employees are from local communities, with 20% of our management team coming from the states in which we operate. We recognize the opportunity to attract more women to Routes Mines Gold as women make up approximately 3% of our total workforce. That said, our Code of Conduct ensures that there is no distinction between each gender, and in practice there is no distinction between each gender’s salaries within the same employee category.

Total Employee Rewards are Designed to be Fair and Competitive

We actively conduct market reviews in the regions where we operate to ensure that our total rewards programs are aligned with our overall benefits philosophy and are competitive in the region when compared to our peers in the mining industry and other relevant industries.

We continuously look to invest in benefits for our employees. In addition to those legally required by each country, our employee benefits include: a health plan, a dental plan, group life insurance, disability coverage, a pension plan, language course scholarships, variable remuneration, and an education allowance. Our low voluntary turnover rate demonstrates our commitment to cultivating an attractive workplace that is aligned with international best practices.

Employee Development

Routes Mines Gold is focused on training and development in all regions where we operate. Performance management and the identification of high-potential candidates will continue to support our commitment to our global workforce development programs. In 2020, Routes Mines Gold successfully launched and embedded a Learning Management System (“LMS”) into the business culture. This tool has helped us integrate and automate the management of training to all of our offices and operations, offering multiple learning opportunities in areas such as safety, compliance, leadership training and executive development.

Every employee should be able to develop the skills needed to achieve their career aspirations. We promote a dynamic environment that encourages professional growth, and use tools to provide individual assessment, identify training opportunities and create individual development plans. We also provide financial support for external courses, and grant sabbatical leaves with guaranteed professional reintegration.